How to accomplish any goal in life?

Vision achieved is a practice for people who want to accomplish big goals in life.


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Do you have big dreams and big goals to be achieved in your life?

This one practice can make big difference to achieve all goals you set up for your life.

Experience sharing (must listen)

People declare their goals

People share,

  • What goals they are accomplishing.
  • What new goals they are taking up.
  • Which goals they need to work more to make it happen.
  • What help they need to move forward.

It is all part of goals creation and make your goal happen in reality.

Why do I need to write my goals everyday?

We all wants to achieve big goals in our life. However, we, the human beings are a function of our habits, the way we work to achieve goals, the way we think about our goals – plays very important part in accomplishing goals. When we practice writing goals in a well structured & process driven manner, we starts to align our inner being – with outer being and create congruency/alignment with what we do, speak, think, feel inside. Then every action become a simple play and goals are achieved with ease and grace.

Mind always desires to accomplish goals

Our mind always lives in the possibility that a desired outcome has already happened, even when the desired outcome is far up there in future. Once the mind places a goal as a possibility “Already Happened”, it starts to create many opportunities to make it, and for every opportunity, it creates appropriate set of actions. And this game goes on, however, the past experiences stored in memory acts as barrier and may break the possibility. The daily goal creation practice make this process strong by removing all barriers and establishing congruency at the level of belief and action.

Mission of Vision-achieved Goals creation

I am Pramod Deshmukh, and I am on a mission to contribute in making India a Developed country between year 2040 to 2047. 

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