What is the unique proposition of this practice

This is one of those rare methods in the world, which allows a practitioner to align her/his inner being with her/his actions in the outer world  to accomplish goals.

In other words, this is a rare method of practicing, where your internal thoughts, emotions, feelings and body sensations are 100% congruent with your actions to accomplish goals, your declarations – you want to cause in the world.

These are not knowledge sessions.

There is no new teaching or coaching that you have not already known or experienced, that would be shared with you.

However, this is a practice session, like how you practiced from childhood; alphabets and numbers, example ” two plus two is equal to four”.

Over the years, you have developed a good practice, similarly, this is a different kind of practice session to be congruent and one hundred percent aligned with your goals, such that your internal system – thoughts, emotions, feelings and body sensation – known as your subconscious system is 100% aligned with your actions and declarations in the world.

So, the way a cricket player goes every day for net practice, he repeatedly performs the same actions; he creates mastery in the game by repeating similar action every day and create many flavors / styles from similar actions. OR,

If one is practicing to run a marathon, then  every day she/he would practice similar exercises, similar running techniques and repeat it again and again until the muscle memory is 100% congruent with the ultimate goal to finish a marathon.

Similarly, in Vision Achieved daily sessions you will practice to align your thoughts, emotions, feelings and body sensations with your goals, so that your everyday actions are congruent with your big mega goals you declare to achieve. 

And your inner being and outer being is one hundred percent aligned to take action – automatically to make it happen – (what?) the big goal which you are out there to achieve.