Stock Market Training

Stock Market Training

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from Vision Achieved

How to Join : Click YouTube Link Every Day 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Time : Evening 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Monday to Friday)

Introduction: We are group of Investors and we analyze Shares to invest in stocks for medium to long duration.

The days when markets are open, we conduct our training sessions and we analyze many companies stock performance to explore its potential and opportunity to buy or sell in coming days, weeks and months.

If you are looking for some GOOD shares to invest, which could possibly grow in coming weeks and months, then this live stream may be of help for you.

The program is absolutely free and streamed live on Your Tube.

We do not trade in Futures and Options, because it is not for the salaried person, and we believe no body has become rich in Futures and Options. Join

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See you at 8:00 pm on days Monday to Friday.

Paid Program (Optional): You could also join the paid program to talk to us and seek direct advice and to analyze companies of your choice.

Disclaimer: the stock analysis is based on the generally accepted best practices used in market which are used as pointer to explore good performing shares using information available in public domain. At the same time subject to the risk of investing in share market.

Thank you.

Pramod Deshmukh

What’s App : 99 452 75 293

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Set one goal and achieve it or Set many goals in life and achieve them all.

Using Vision Achieved daily goals creation program.

Total practice – 101 to 150 days program to accomplish big/mega goals


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