Level 3 is a 35 days goal creation practice.

Total service active days : 45 days. This service will remain active for total 45 days from the date of order and participants could avail any 35 days to a maximum of 45 days.

It is believed that in 101 days a habit can take permanent home inside the human being and the new habit starts to reflect in the very nature the very being of a human.

The Level 3 is the subsequent 35 days and starts from the  day when a practitioner completes Level 2 – 67 days.

In short Level 3 – total 101 days practice has 21 days of Level 1 and 45 days of intense practice of Level 2 and 35 days of Level 3.

Why is this practice required?

The practitioner develops mastery in being a powerful observer of thoughts and impact on feelings and body sensation. At the same time, being a master practitioner, he develops ability to drop significance about mentals state and create 100% alignment and congruence towards the goals and make it happen.

At the end of 100 days, you will see your goals happening in your conversations, your actions moving forward to make it happen.

How is this practice performed?

Level 3 begins after Level 2 is complete.

Starting from Day 67, During the daily session, practitioner will catch patterns of thoughts and its probable impact on actions, and give up unreality in the thoughts, give up righteousness in thoughts and be free to declare how the outcome of her/his action will manifest during the day and then make that happen.

What will one accomplish by practicing?

Individuals will start living the day as the goals have already happened and are in the process of happening, while the individual is occupied in day to day routine and taking small steps in the direction of goals, while experiencing 100 % congruency with the goals.

And Individual will be now equipped to take any action towards the direction of goals, which she/he was not able to fathom.

Level 3 is the ultimate practice in the direction of goals.