Level2 is 45 days goal creation practice

Total service active days : 60 days. This service will remain active for total 60 days from the date of order and participants could avail any 45 days to a maximum of 60 days.

It is believed that in 21 days a basic habit can be inculcated and in 66 days a habit can take home inside the humans being and practicing for longer time becomes easy.

The Level 2 is the subsequent 45 days, and starts on from the 22nd day when a practitioner completes Level 1 – 21 days. In short Level2 – 66 days practice has 21 days of Level1 and 45 days of intense practice of Level2.

Why is this practice required?

The practitioner develops intense practice being an observer of thoughts, emotions and feeling towards any thing that stops her/him from moving towards goals and intensify practice to be congruent with goals as possibility of already happened, even in the moment of challenges.

How is this practice performed?

All 4 sub-systems of Level1 practice are extended for entire duration of Level 2 practice that is 66 days.

Starting from Day 22, During the daily session, practitioners intensify observation power to catch, any state of being hijacked by thoughts, words, stories and the impact hijack  on inner being. Catch that state, come out of state, experience a neutral or being equanimous state. So that a fresh action could be taken in that moment in the direction of the goals.

In short, these 45 days individual practices,  how thoughts – stories, words triggers her/him and how one can come out of hijack state to be present in the moment. And stay aligned with the possibility of the goal as already happened.

What will one accomplish by practicing?

Individuals will experience a high level of alignment and congruency in their thoughts, emotions, feelings, body sensations with the goals. And the goals naturally appear possible, feasible, and achievable and taking next action every day becomes easy.

And Individual will take many new actions towards the direction of goals, which she/he was not able to take, due to inherited beliefs and old habits.

It requires 66 days for a new practice to become a deep-rooted habit.

This 66 days program is a complete program in itself, and practitioners can repeat multiple sessions of 66 days practice to gain mastery in the teaching of this practice.