Daily practice schedule

The practices has been designed to transform your being -> to look at your goals from a possibility that goals have already happened. And with daily routine, you will experience actions towards your goals becoming easy, simple, feasible, and achievable.

So if you are serious about your goals, come and join us and practice with us.

I invite you to join us for

21 days to form a simple habit to make goals happen

67 days to create a solid routine to cause your goals

101 days to form a deep-rooted habit

And 365 days for being the new habit as goals already accomplished.

So click the link below and choose any time slot suitable for you.

Brahma muhurta – 5:15 am till 6:30 am

Morning practice – 7:00 am till 8:15 am

Late morning practice – 11:00 am till 12:15

Afternoon practice – 2:30 pm till 3:45 pm

Late-night practice – 9:45 pm till 11:00 pm


Please note that this is a daily live session, and it is not a recorded session, and you will practice creating your goal along with other participating members.