The participants joining programs will adhere to the following terms and conditions.

  1. programs is open for any citizen of India, who wish to achieve goals. Which goals, any goal that human beings generally strive to achieve in their life.
  2. Registration Form: Post payment of participation fee, individual will fill a form sharing personal details and share the goals they wish to achieve in two to three years from the participation in this program.
  3. Attendance: Vision-achieved program are fixed duration program; therefore, participation is mandatory during the tenure of program and participants ensure their availability throughout the program.
  4. Recording: Participants will not record partially or any part of the program. Video, photograph or sound recordings are prohibited.
  5. Absenteeism: If a participant remains absent for a scheduled meeting, he will lose that opportunity because there is no other substitute meeting, whether he chooses to inform or not in advance about their absence. If a participant requests a schedule change after remaining absent, such a schedule change will be applicable only for any remaining meetings, and the request will be accommodated subject to availability.
  6. Schedule: The meeting schedule will be announced well in advance so that participants can block their calendars. IF there is any change in the Video Conferencing link, then it will be shared 24 hours before the meeting.
  7. Confidentiality: Members are expected to sign a non-disclosure agreement, where it is expected from members to use any information shared in the program, only for the personal skill development and not to use any information such as business details, names of people or organizations, or specific nature of problems or the solutions discussed, outside the meeting, unless cleared by the members during the session.
  8. Conditions during every practice meeting: All Participants will follow the rules and guidelines to make the program effective. may not entertain any input or modification to meeting structure, especially during the process flow in a meeting; Members may submit their feedback or share information during the allocated timeslot for such inputs. Once Participants join, they need to adhere to the process without contradicting any part of the meeting. And follow all terms and conditions listed below.
    • programs are a long-term program, and the promised outcomes are possible when participants take part for the entire duration of the program for 12 months or 24 months, or 36 months.
    • Participants not following above listed conditioned may be asked to leave the program.
  9. Zoom meeting etiquette: Members will follow the below listed Terms and Conditions during the zoom meeting session of
    • Participants will join a few minutes before the start time to avoid rush on zoom.
    • The participant will take complete responsibility for their Zoom set up, take entire meetings from one location, and use a computer setup instead of a Phone.
    • Participants will avoid any other business transaction during the meeting
    • Not adhering to the above-listed Video conferencing etiquette conditions will result in members remaining in muted state for the rest of the video conferencing call.
  10. Termination of the contract: Participants not adhering to terms and conditions may be asked to leave the program.
  11. Check our refund policy on the MyAccount Page.